Sound School For Dogs

Built using React Native, SSFD allows you to play, record and share sounds

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I built this app as a personal project, since it's something I know a lot of dog owners struggle with, including me.

Most people know dogs are often afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks, but most people do not realise how severe the fear of sound can be for some dogs. My own dog is afraid of fireworks and garbage trucks to the point, where even the quietest noise would send him running in fear.

To reduce fear of noises, it’s often recommended by veterinary behaviourists to use desensitisation, which is a method of getting the dog used to a sound at very low volume, then gradually increasing it over time.

That’s where Sound School for Dogs comes in. It allows you to choose from over 100 sounds, record your own, or browse from the community uploads to create a playlist that you can then use to desensitise your dog.

The app includes:

  • Articles with information on desensitisation, stress in dogs, and top tips
  • Sound Player
  • Sound Recording
  • Dog Clicker
  • Community sounds area with register/login

You can view more information on the app here.